Meet The Robinsons

Bringing you 25 years of family experience in the bed & breakfast business with another generation of innkeepers.

 In 2002 Laura Lee's grandmother, Nelle Rounsaville, created La Belle Auberge as her third inn. When Laura Lee was 12 years old she learned to tie an apron around her waist and work with her grandma at her inns. In 2007, Laura Lee managed La Belle Auberge where she also started her massage practice. Guests' may remember a younger version of her daughter, Sophia, drawing portraits of the guests during breakfast.

In 2012 Laura Lee and Jesse founded Emerge Healing Arts & Spa, a full service spa offering massage, body treatments, advanced skin therapy, an organic hair & nail salon, and Jane Iredale makeup. You can also browse over 20 local artists' works in Emerge's Boutique & Gallery, including Laura Lee's own hand thrown pottery. Jesse and Laura Lee have created a thriving business doing what they love.

In December of 2013 Laura Lee and Jesse exchanged their wedding vows on the stairs of La Belle. In 2016, an amazing opportunity to restore La Belle as a bed & breakfast arrived. They knew this grand historic home should be shared with guests appreciating it's historic charm along the gas-lit boulevards of downtown Wellsboro. They look forward to delivering their warm hospitality to La Belle's long history of cherished guests, many of whom love and adore this grand victorian attraction and destination. Don't worry, Grandma Nelle has shared all her secrets. We are all delighted to carry on La Belle's rich history as your innkeepers.

Our Home Is Your Home,

The Robinsons

Your innkeepers Laura Lee And Jesse are young entrepreneurs that are blessed to do what they love. You can find them most days at their sister business, Emerge Healing Arts & Spa where they both serve a full time clientele as massage therapists.

Your experience at Labelle maybe some what non traditional compared to other B and B experiences but your privacy is priority. With the convenience of our self checkin process you can come and go with ease. Our grand Victorian home will feel like your own private getaway before your trip is complete. We or our staff are always available by text and our spa secretary can be reached on weekdays during the day. However we are not often on premise all hours of the day.

We always make a point to connect with you at breakfast and any free afternoon we have you can find Laura Lee playing in our gorgeous gardens.

With our passion and great love for the outdoors and as long time locals we can give you the best scoop on what to do and where to go. Checkout some of jesse’s videos adventures with your innkeepers.

Our greatest amenity is our skills as massage therapists. Relaxation happens on a totally different level when you make time for a couples massage! Who wouldn’t want to unwind with their honey after a long day adventuring in the PA Wilds. Make it a destination spa experience. The earlier you book the more you insure availability.

  • Adventure ✓

  • Privacy ✓

  • Romantic Getaway ✓

  • Cozy and Luxurious ✓

  • On-premise innkeepers no

  • Convenient self check in ✓

  • Amazing massages ✓

  • Breakfast at your private table ✓

  • Local off the map advice ✓

  • One Block to dining and shopping ✓

  • The perfect Escape ✓

  • A spa and a destination for your special occasion ✓

Labelle has a rich family history. Our grandma Nelle created La belle as her third inn in 2002. Her passion as an international flight attendant inspired our French theme and decor. Much of Laura Lee’s life she spent with an apron around her waists and knee deep helping her grandmother in their innkeeper endeavors. In 2013 we got married on the stairs of Labelle. In 2016 an amazing opportunity to restore Labelle as a bed and breakfast and purchase it back into the family arrived.

Although we’ve made some tweaks to fit our lifestyle as young working entrepreneurs, sharing our home with La Belle's long history of cherished guests and ever growing family of new guests is a great joy.

Don't worry, Grandma Nelle has shared all her secrets. We and our wonderful staff are delighted to carry on La Belle's rich history as your innkeepers.

Our Home Is Your Home,

The Robinsons