Must See

PA Grand Canyon
Distance: 17 minute drive

Often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and the Pine Creek Gorge, the PA Canyon area stretches for over 45 miles with depths of nearly 1,500 feet. These breathtaking views and endless green hiking trails are a haven for sportsman, hikers, and outdoor lovers. The Pine Creek Gorge is a scenic adventure offering rafting, canoeing, and kayaking in early spring and summer.

Pine Creek Rail Trail
Distance: 17 minute drive

USA Today cites the Pine Creek Rail Trail as one of the 10 great places to take a bike tour in the world. The 61 mile journey in the base of the gorge offers easy pedaling with its gentle grade and spectacular views along pine creek. The trail is enjoyed all four seasons for biking, running, hiking, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, and more. Visitors enjoy the waterfalls, small picturesque villages, and great wild life and bird watching, including local nesting bald eagles.

Historic Gas-lit Downtown
Distance: right outside your window

Wellsboro is a cultural jewel on PA's route 6. It is like stepping back in time with its gas-lit boulevards, safe small town charm, and the town square "The Green" with its famous Wynken, Blynken, and Nod statue. Wellsboro offers wonderful local Hamilton-gibson theater productions, world class classical Endless Mountain Music Festival, a beautiful full service spa, and downtown shopping and dinning. Wellsboro, the heart of north central Pennsylvania Wilds, was called a "bona fide 21st century eden" by National Geographic.

Photos by TJ Freeman, Heather Mee, Curt Weinhold & Shreenivasan Manievannan

Local Attractions

The Green
Distance: 1 minute walk

"The Green" is the town square of Wellsboro. It serves as a gathering point for local events, festivals, and locals evening strolls around the Wyken, Blynken, and Nod water sculpture.

Emerge Healing Arts & Spa
Phone: 570-360-8180
Distance: 2 minute walk

Wellsboro's tranquil full service spa is your place for beauty & wellness. They offer luxurious massages, body scrubs / wraps, reflexology, facials, nail and hair services, a local boutique shop with hand crafted art, and much more! Emerge is the best place to get a massage after a long day on the trails or to highlight your relaxing vacation. Don't miss!

Pennsylvania Lumber Museum
Phone: 814-435-2652
Distance: 30 minute drive

The Pennsylvania Lumber Museum is home to thousands of objects ranging from prehistoric stone tools to a variety of twentieth century chain saws. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to simulate activities such as swinging an ax, sawing a tree, piloting a log raft, and racing locomotives. Large outdoor exhibits are located throughout the 160-acre museum property and include a re-created early 20th century logging camp, the museum’s popular 70-ton Shay geared-locomotive, and a 1910 Barnhart log loader. A rustic log cabin build by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1936 showcases the talents and craftsmanship of these dedicated citizens. Other exhibits include a steam-powered sawmill and log pond, a 1945 Brookville tannery switch engine, and a Sustainable Forestry Trail that loops through forty acres of forest surrounding Commissioner Run.

Cherry Springs Dark Sky Park
Distance: 45 minute drive

Cherry Springs is becoming a very popular attraction in our area and if you have seen the photos, you will know why. Cherry Springs offers a great day trip from your home base here at our B&B. The trip to cherry springs will also take you towards some of the least populated areas of PA.

Believe it or not, only 10 percent of Americans have seen a true dark sky. Call it an unfortunate side effect of urban life or a necessary casualty of industrialization. Either way, the city lights have overtaken our view of the stars in many places in the U.S. But not here at Cherry Springs State Park.
— Cherry Spring State Park


Mary Wells Dining Room
Distance: 2 minute walk

Named for one of Wellsboro’s founding citizens, the restaurant provides a classic fine dining experience in a space that incorporates the history of Wellsboro.

Timeless Destination
Distance: 2 minute walk

Italian inspired food in a casual atmosphere. Large bar and dinning area that features local bands and music during certain days of the week.

The Steak House
Distance: 2 minute walk

A third generation family owned and operated restaurant featuring american style food, steaks, and sea food.

Historic Wellsboro Diner
Phone: 570-724-3992
Distance: 3 minute walk

Family owned and named one of the Top Ten classic diners in America by the Huffington Post, the historic Wellsboro diner features a classic menu of breakfast & lunch & dinner. Not to mention, You will receive a $5 OFF coupon for The Wellsboro Diner when you stay with us.

The Wellsboro House Restaurant & Brewery
Phone: 570-723-4867
Distance: 15 minute walk; 2 minute drive

Another family owned restaurant on the outskirts of town on chareleston road. It's a family friendly restaurant with a large bar area and ample portioned meals with flat screen TVs for watching sports. The Wellsboro House is also a micro-brewery with its main operation setup across the street from the restaurant in the old train station.

Lamb's Creek Food & Spirits
Phone: 570-662-3222
Distance: 12 minute drive

Surrounded with beautiful landscaping for outdoor dining, warm, indoor settings, an imported European hand-carved bar and stone fireplaces as focal points, Lambs Creek Food and Spirits overlooks gorgeous mountains and the Mansfield University. You will also receive at $10 OFF coupon to Lamb's Creek when you book directly with us.